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The Digital Skills Framework is a free resource to help support the development of digital skills across the adult social care workforce.​

The framework defines seven key areas of effective digital working, organised in two ‘levels’: ‘digital skills for all staff’, and ‘go further’ with digital skills.​ It can be used by social care employers to help with planning staff training or by individuals for their personal development. ​It aims to:

  • define the digital skills that care professionals should be working towards at different levels ​ ​
  • help social care employers and staff identify where they could develop their digital skills (with signposting to training via the Digital Social Care website) 
  • provide direction to learning providers on the topics that should be covered in social care digital skills training​.

The framework supports the government commitment in  to provide a ‘comprehensive digital learning offer’ for the adult social care sector. 


Who is it for?

The framework can be used by anyone working in adult social care. For example:  ​

  • people working in adult social care who are looking to develop their skills
  • ​social care employers who are looking for training opportunities for their staff
  • social care managers, business support professionals and similar roles, who are implementing digital technologies in their organisations ​
  • local authorities and ICSs, to help with supporting care providers and adult social care professionals locally
  • learning providers and L&D managers, to support the development of training resources. ​


Access the framework

You can find out more about the Digital Skills Framework and download a copy on the .



Duration 1 hour 24 mins



Framework development

Pre 2021 - there was growing recognition of the importance of digital skills. For example, the Department for Education’s (2018) – reinforced by more digital working during pandemic

In December 2021,  and the  were published.